lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010

Weekend full of action and social life

Last weekend was reserved for The Event – friend’s wedding. As the wedding took place in Suomenlinna, there is first some travelling to do. With a lucky coincidence I shared the flight from Warsaw to Helsinki with a dear colleague, who has spent two years living in Poland, so we had lot’s to share! Two hours went pass flying with talktalktalk – what an enjoyable start for a weekend! In my Helsinki apartment I felt a little weird, like that I didn’t exactly know what I was supposed to do there. After long day I ended up watching a little TV with Finnish subtitles :)

Saturday – party day! It turned out to be a very successful wedding party with touching ceremony and relevant speeches, not to forget good food and drinks in fabulous surroundings. In addition friends and colleagues among the guests with who to chatter – not much else needed for good time! Afterparty at Kalle until 3:30 – that’s what I call a wedding :P

Then next in line there's a hang out day with a dear friend and very good (and very Finnish) food in here. And when we add plenty of “improving the world” a.k.a good discussions, there are all the ingredients for a splendid Sunday.

On Monday it was time to head to H9 for a change, and there were lots of people with who to exchange lots of lnews. The spree of good days just continues, what can you do! And some work was done also, from career point of view the day ended in surprisingly flattering discussion and interesting speculations of things to come… Now returning in sometimes December/January sounds better than it did before…

Flight to Wroclaw via Warsaw was a late one, and I reached home near 1 a.m. But no can do, to work on Tuesday and on the evening some packing is needed. There is a little Poland tour to do, purely for work! Off to Poznan very early on Wednesday.

Wroclaw seems to be full of dogs, almost every other pedestrian has a dog as a follower - and that is literally speaking, as leashes are rarely needed.
Here is one dog taking it easy on my home street. The dog did not mind the traffic as much as I did. There is more car than dog in the picture because I did not dare to concentrate on photography too much when several busy Wroclawians are heading home in their cars...

This probably gives you an idea why blog life has been a little slow lately – socializing with people in real life is priority 1, internet can wait ;)

3 kommenttia:

  1. I was wondering about the missing blogger already since it's become a habit to visit and read how your doing every daybut this explains it :)

  2. tuo miulle yks koiruus. houkuttelet sen herkuilla mukaas, mieluiten sellanen pikkanen takkuturkki niinkun siellä Gdanskissa.. :P

  3. Tervetulloo Sari ihan viralliseksi lukijaks :)
    Työkaveri tarjos jo kissaa kotiin vietäväks, mites olis sellanen maine coon -katti?