keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

28.7. - why the date sounds familiar..?

We started the morning by getting lost in Gdansk tram network.. Well, maybe not that lost, but from two possible directions we took the wrong one. About this I have to blame the receptionist worker at our hotel; the instructions were not too clear – and us dumb tourists went wrong. But we are on holiday, we have time to get bit lost :)
 Some heavy shopping on the morning, and Sopot experience in the evening.

Sopot main street Monte Cassino

The Pier in Sopot, 516 meters directly out to the sea makes it the longest wooden pier in Europe.

And as we started the day with getting lost, it did not turn out to be much better on the evening. On the map it might look simple to get back to train station in Sopot, but believe you me, it is not!

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