torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

4.8. Lost in Wroclaw

Now there has been three days in the city, and not one of them has been passed by without someone get-ting lost. On the first day I bravely decided to go home by tram. Took wrong turn, noticed that but de-cided to find another tram stop, got on, got off on wrong stop and ended up wondering “somewhere not that far from Rynek” without a map. Finally I found way back home, and on the way I bought some strawberries in Russian :D (surprised myself with being able to do that...)

I have seen bigger and juicier looking strawberries, but being a strawberry is not a beauty contest; these were on absolute top 3 of strawberries I've ever had in terms of tastefulness and sweetness!

Second day was the due date for my moving stuff to get here. For some reason navigator kept instructing the truck driver wrong, so he was somewhere – actually it was not that far – but as I am not yet expert with the surroundings, it took some time to figure out how to get him into correct place. After all the hussle and map reading and instructing and phone calling and parking place finding with no success, I carried the boxes in myself – and the truck was NOT right down on the front door… So that much about full service moving company. I decided to leave finding a gym for later point of time.

Third day started with taxi driver both hearing and reading the address wrongly. Noting him in English about wrong direction did not work, but Finnish was useful! So, we read the map together (with no common language) and after extra round in the city I even got to work in time – in time only because I left home early as purpose to prepare material to present during the day, which I obviously now did not do. But luckily I managed with some improvising, and understanding audience ;)

After all the day turned out to be a surprisingly good day especially from work point of view, so I decided to celebrate it in the closest restaurant (which sells something else than pizza or kebab).

View from the restaurant's terrace. My home building is the white big one on the back.

The cod I ordered was good, but even better was to have a phone call with mum <3!

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