keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

29.7. To Wroclaw – new home!!!

My dear travel mate had the shock of a lifetime when we saw the plane with which we were about to fly to Wroclaw. And if one is afraid of flying, I think that 1,5 hours in a tincan like the one we had does not help… But brave as she is, without any bigger whinings we ended up to Wroclaw safely – Us two and two other guys. How can that air route be profitable?

Taxi was waiting as agreed, and then we had experience about the Wroclaw traffic jams which have been mentioned basically in each travel guide and website I have read, as well as the driving culture which differs from Finland… Speed limits are only recommendations, and it is totally ok to exit roundabout using the grass in the middle as a shortcut. But we got home safely – and for me this really is now the home for next half year! Exciting, exciting… We had celebration dinner at Beergarden. Ok food, but house beer was not as good as Zywiec!

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  1. mie oon viihdyttäny muutemia kertomalla nalle puh pillimehusta.. :D