keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

27.7. To Hel (and back)

As the weather still does not allow lazy beach life and bikinis will stay on the bag, we decided to travel to Hel peninsula. Travel guide by Lonely Planet promised the trip to take 45-90 min from Gdynia, but for some reason our train travelled 2h 45 min from Gdansk.

Somewhere along the way...

This far I am not very impressed by Polish railways; schedules are not very clear, and guidance at stations or about stations in train could also work bit better. And the trains themselves, well, not that modern...

Hel itself was small and cute, and seemingly occupied mainly by Polish families with kids.

Still a bit more complaining? Guide at Hel tourist office did not speak English that well.. We discussed about tram and train, and merrily mixed those together. Well, we didn’t go to wait for another looooong train trip, but ended up to have ferry tram back to Gdansk. That was very pleasant, and I really recommend that method of transportation!

We have now seen the river to Gdansk three times. As interesting as harbors can be, I think I do not need to sightsee one in very near future. Btw; saw lots and lots of lifting devices, and for some weird reason felt professional pride about the booms and masts :)

As we took the last ferry of the day. we witnessed a beautiful sunset

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