torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

1.8. End of holidays

All good things come to an end at some point. So is now the holiday part of Poland, and hard work starts tomorrow.

We had a nice and easygoing morning; walking in the old town and having fairwell drinks.
A bit melancholic feeling, as it would have been fun to continue travelling, but also at the same time it is nice to get to work and get started.

Once again about the railways; I already was ready to totally change my opinion when an Intercity train came to the platform where I was supposed to leave back to Wroclaw, but then the conductor said that the train was not for me… So, the same old not-so-nice train and the same 4 ¾ hours back to Wroclaw – next time I will take a bus!

Weather is turning warm and sunny. This summer I cannot really complain about the weathers, but interestingly the sun comes to sight behind the clouds when the D-day to start work approaches…

I’ll need to learn into new schedule, as here people come to work at 7. Night owl that I am, it might turn out to be a bit tough. On the other hand, seems that at least TV will not be keeping me awake on the evenings. If some program is not originally in Polish, it is dubbed into it. And in an interesting manner; one voice actor is saying all of the lines, no matter whether a man or a woman is talking. And this far it seems (sounds) that they have employed only this one male guy – how does he have time to do all the programs alone?!?

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