keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

30.7. Cracow

I did not become a fan of Polish trains, not even after sitting in one for 4 hours 45 minutes in one to travel 256 km. Why oh why it takes that long?
But on the opposite, I was very positively surprised about the Cracow train station and how it is inte-grated in to a shopping center. More positive impressions of the city; as we were examining a big tourist map, a nice young man came, asked if we needed help, and instructed us to our hostel. It makes you feel so good when someone sincerely wants to help. And even more.. The hostel was great! Very friendly and helpful staff and the whole place was clean and nice. So, if ever going to Cracow and looking for hostel, try Mosquito!

On the evening we wondered through Wawel castle. Beautiful sight indeed!

View from the castle

But a question remains; what is the thing with Cracow and dragons? There is the dragon statue below the castle, and then all the souvenir shops are full of dragons in different formats. Google helped once again. Long story short; according to a legend the cave under the castle hill was once inhabitated by a dragon – as the story told. Boys did not believe the story, irritated the dragon which really did exist. As a result dragon tortured a nearby village, until a man called Krakus destroyed the dragon – and that is how Cracow got its name. Legends are always nice and interesting and give character to a place :)  Longer version of this one can be found at least here.

The dragon statue below the castle actually "spits fire" (gas flames I assume) in every 5 minutes or so. And it was doing it when I took the photo, but it was not captured on the "film"  :(  Magic? 

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