maanantai 2. elokuuta 2010

24.7.10 The Polish Adventure – about to begin

So, now it is closer than it has ever been. Flight will be leaving tomorrow evening from Turku, and train to Turku in early afternoon. Some things have already been sent beforehands, but for some reason (bad planning, inability to forecast weather conditions, and the usual tend for overpacking) there is still three bags (one of them HUGE) and a laptop case to carry around Poland before reaching new home. Interesting to see how I’ll manage. Maybe I’ll finally learn something about reasonable packing.

This week – actually the whole three weeks of vacation have been quite full of happenings – some of them surprising - and also different emotions. But in only last few days there has been all of this: easy-going time and laughter with friends on the sun and terrace, peaceful times at countryside, nice and affectionate moments with a great person, disillusionment with another great (so I thought) person, deep thoughts with impressive art, big shared joy with close ones and their newborn, great love with family members <3 and admiration of energy which 8 (or was it only 6?) 8-year-olds can generate when put in the same place.. And then the sadness/wistfulness mixed with bit of fear came yesterday. I had been waiting and therefore maybe a bit prepared for that feeling, but it was still very overwhelming! But seemingly it was not anything a few cries wouldn’t cure. Still I’m prepared to have few more cries at the airport if necessary.

My co-traveller Sari is afraid of flying. So, we will be an interesting travel team – one is crying of fear of never getting safely back home, and one is crying of not wanting to leave home at all… Bon voyage! Well, plan is to help situation with glass or two of wine. Poland Poland, here I come! Starting with Gdansk tomorrow :)

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