sunnuntai 15. elokuuta 2010

Good week, indeed

The week went by quickly. Now I have found myself basic things; a hairdresser, a bank, a gym, a beauty salon for nails :P, new store to buy food and stuff for home – Prisma type of market :).

Two important investments made; Firstly a lunch box. My salad got lost one day from the fridge at work and I was told that strange things might happen to food which looks impersonal like it didn't belong to anyone.. Now I have a cute pink box, let’s see how it works!

Secondly; a coffee maker. Apartment didn’t have any, and first I thought I wouldn’t even need one. But then a total mood change out of nowhere. I haven’t been drinking coffee that much for at least half a year, but consumed green tea instead. One morning I took some coffee at work (to stay awake…) and it was gooood! So, decision: must have a coffee maker at home, too. I read about a nice coffee shop called “Afryka” which also sells different coffee equipment, and there I found a cute, hex nut shaped espresso maker. I also bought coffee which was grounded up in the shop, yumm how delicious the pure smell is! So, coffeeholic seems to be back. Pity that I didn’t take any pictures from the café, as the interior was very stylish, clear and delicate with white walls and furnishings given character to their texture. However, something about the style can be concluded here.

On the way to purchase coffee equipment. Sun is shining and it's raining at the same time - does it mean that summer might be coming in Poland, too?

Almost every day I get surprised positively on people being nice. Sound a bit weird to put it that way – but they really are! On trams men give women room – and young people to old. Sales clerks always wish you nice day with a smile in addition to “normal” courtesies…
And at the office; people are helpful and talkative – even those who I do not work with and therefore we do not know each other.
For example last Friday I was working late and did not know that anyone else was still at the office, as it seemed very empty and lights were shut down. But then a knock on the door, and a guy who I thought I hadn’t even seen before (maybe I was but with 55 new persons just can’t remember them all) came to stop by at my room and wished me good weekend. I did not know him, we haven’t worked together, but he took the extra effort to come by and greet :). Might sounds like small thing, but to me it was something very warming.
Also my team is sweet; they took me for dinner one evening, and we had a very nice time!

Now I should be able to have somewhat normal days at work at least for couple of weeks… The heaviest lecturing part is starting to be over, and we are proceeding to practical study – yippee!

People seem to be back to H9 office at Helsinki as well – it’s good to have even a messenger chat since I cannot join them for lunch or AfterworkPubs...

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  1. I hope that the Polish coffee is as good as back home :) (or what we're used to) The thing that they call coffee in our Gothenburg office in Sweden is NOT coffee... it's brown dishwater type of bitter mix that you drink if you're wishing for a stomach ache :)

  2. Research results on Polish coffee: Espresso type of machine at office provides quite strong coffee, and taste was not what I was used to. Turned out that root cause for that was the milk which has different taste than Finnish version. But it was not bad at all, and I continue being a huge fan of that coffee.
    I understand your dishwater experiences, the reason why I drank tea at the office in Helsinki was the terrible essence of the liquid which coffee machine there provides. So, improvement on that area!

    After one week experience in my cute little espresso pot: It is too small! at least for lazy weekend mornings one cup (or I think it would be maybe two cups according real espresso etiquette) is not enough.. :)