maanantai 2. elokuuta 2010

26.7. Rainy Gdansk

When you have planned to have a nice and sunny days at beach and waterfront, you might disappoint when it’s 18 degrees and raining.. That’s how it was with us in Gdansk today. At some points there might have even been some frustration on the air, but turned out that Zywiec and good company helped with the issue! Deep thoughts about stupidness, men, friends and life in general – as well as few good laughs saved the day… Sari entertains me with using terms from “elderly” language.. Today we have heard; Tekipä se eetvarttia, vilunkia, ja vilakkaa. :D (Sorry non-Finnish readers, cannot translate...) That's what you get when working in a factory with old guys ;)

We sailed the Black Pearl (Czarna Perla) pirate boat!

Thanks to some work issues and urgent need to replan the trip, we found out that JetAir had changed the flight schedule (without bothering to inform about it), and Thursday flight at 18 will leave at 15 instead of of 18 as earlierly stated. Luckily we noticed it, I cannot even imagine the feeling if we went to airport 3 hours “late”…

Yesterday I became a fan of Turku (and nearby) people! Lady at the restaurant car in the train, taxi driver and some co-fliers waiting at Terminal 2 (for flight that was 2 hours late), proved that there is something good still left in mankind :)

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