torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011

Christmas updates…

Long time before last post… Christmas went by, and not very merrily on behalf. The trip to Finland was ONCE AGAIN a disaster. I left home in Wroclaw 5:30 on the morning, and reached my destination at 00:30. Believe you me, it was not planned as such. It even came to my mind to forget about going to Finland at all, because to that unfortunate travelling was combined some disappointments to people as well.

Well, I got home safely and in one piece and got to spend one day off and then Christmas Eve with family. Then it was time for next wave of bad luck; worst flu ever. Or at least in long time. Four days I spent under duvets freezing, sweating, sleeping and fevering and feeling bad. But there was some luck, because if it was meant for me to be sick, it was absolutely best to spend that time taken care of by mum <3 especially after almost half year abroad on your own ;). The bloody disease caused my travel plans to be reorganized, and probably would have caused some gray hairs to my project manager as well (that is if he had any hair;)), because I was supposed to do a set of conversions and no backup person arranged. Humble worker as I am, Wednesday was spent with converting remotely. Thursday with travelling by train, spending half day in Helsinki office, and continuing back to Wroclaw on the evening. And again, trip back home was smooooth...

Very freezing, -30 on 23.12. from ferry boat shore on my home hoods in Finland :)

Day before Christmas eve was sunny!

But I did have a nice car! Not my own, though, but I needed to save at least something of the totally messed up travel plans and rent one. And quod erad demonstrum – when you take things in to your own hands (in this case forget all public transportation), things start to go as supposed. In my case it means that I got to homehome in countryside..

Christmas Eve and the little elf <3

This picture was taken from University’s Christmas carroll event. Yep, before anyone else had yet come, choir was still practising. Pieces of cakes on the tables are a traditional Polish Christmas pastry, something resembling fruit cake

This one, called "Swans on December" was taken on the way home from company's Wigilia dinner.

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