torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011

After Xmas it's New Year

My master plan for New Year was expatriate's party in a bar/nightclub. But then, surprisingly I found myself from an “before party” from a Polish home, and that was an experience you should not waste! So I enjoyed a little traditional Polish food (meatballs with three different meat), cake, and sweet wine. In addition I had company of few Poles, of which one living in France. Very international I'd say. We did not have common language with everyone, but it did not matter J  However, I did enjoy; Dziekuje bardzo bardzo Tomek and your family!
Expat party and stuff in downtown was very quickly done on my behalf. On Rynek there would have been a big outdoor concert, starring Ace of Base. I walked by the stage during the day and took a picture of the place.

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