sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

Tourist things

I just realized that there is only few moments left for me in Wroclaw. And so many things I guess I should see. So I did a walking tour in the city and got back in to tourist mode (which I seemingly have dropped some time late autumn, because I do not have almost any photos :/
So, I decided to do some touristing. Unfortunately the weather was not bright. However, here's some of my catches.

Some statues

Scary angel. He is part of monument dedicated to Katyn victims 

One brave dwarf rider

This is from "Panorama Radlawice", an impressive panorama painting about a fight few hundreds years ago. Same time with my visit they were photoshooting some beauty queens with panorama as background.

That's how the building containing the painting looks outside

So where next?

...towards good and warm things:) this is one of my favourite cafes in Wroclaw

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