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Adventures of furniture and smtg about apartment

I have been planning to write something of my apartment for quite some time, but I have been experiencing some very bad luck with certain piece of furniture, and I wanted to wait until the place is complete before making any photos. This certain furniture have travelled a long way, but believe it or not, now they are in place in the house, they are assembled, working, pretty, and it is full set of them.

So, I will not do through each and every detail related to the adventure of those equipments. When I arrived at end of July, I was surprised that the dining table was not there, unlike in June when I first saw the apartment. The lady from the apartment agency said that whatever I want more to apartment, will be arranged. So I thought then, and wrote a wish list which now seems pretty ridiculous. If I only knew…

So, for the record: Person can very well live without a shelf for books, without shelf for shoes, without extra rack, without table and chairs on the balcony, without carpet in bedroom (no one ever suffered for little echoes), without shades in bedroom (autumn and darker nights were coming anyway), and actually there is lots of other little details which at the end are not that necessary. But a table by which it is possible to sit on normal chairs and write (with pen and paper or computer) and actually also eat for real as normal people do, is an essential thing to have.

After both me and our assistant Agata calling to the apartment agency several times the promise that they will fix everything turned out to be loads of crap, so that it was not possible to “order” any furniture so that they would just appear to the apartment, but I would need to go and buy them. Well, without car, without language skills, without knowledge of the location of any furniture shops it was not very appealing option. Also these events took place at the same time when the mad golive weeks were ongoing. Lack of table did not bother me then, because I never was there in the apartment but slept at the office instead. Well, life after GoLive was expected, so once again with help of my colleague (Kryzek, owe you one;)) I got catalogues and chose some furniture. First step completed.

The choice turned out to be not good one, because even if the table was available in stock of IKEA (!), chairs were to be ordered. Unlucky as this whole affair was, with some unfortunate occasions the table appeared to our office instead of my apartment, and dear Agata who usually fixes everything, was on long leave.

Soooo, little more challenges but at the end we managed to agree time when two helpful colleagues of mine would help me with assembling of the table (=do it for me). That was fair enough. Next obstacle was the house in which my apartment is. We went to garage trying to find a place where to leave car and get up to apartment via lift. It was not as easy as you’d think. The garage guards had trouble helping us, and now I have heard one the best explanations ever; architects who designed the building FORGOT to add garage doors which would lead into my staircase.  (Greg, thank u for ur patience.) Therefore the doors did not have a number, therefore we were first directed to wrong place, therefore the table pack age was first carried to totally wrong hallway. It did not explain how it is possible for one building to have two apartments with same number. At this point I did not care about that detail anymore. Long story ended up happily; I got table in my apartment, assembling took place in Polish which I’ve never experienced before, and the result was pretty! Who cares of little details like wrong screw used in wrong places… The table was and is still standing on its four legs :)

So, that was only about the table. Chairs were ordered and somewhere on their way. At the beginning I said “long story short”, but this did not turn out to be that short. So new trial about keeping it short with the chair case; they arrived. 1,5 months later than the table. First problem how to get them from Ikea. Helping colleagues on business trip. Then by coincidence colleague went by and brought the chairs. They arrived, but yet in a package. I do not own any assembly tools in Wroclaw -> more help needed. Helping colleagues on business trip and on vacations. More waiting. Helping colleague arrived from vacation. Came to visit. Chairs assembled.

Two months before leaving the country. Four months after arriving the country. Who cares. I have full set of dining furniture. I am happy and proud.
PLZ see them.

Have yoú ever seen anything as beautiful? Probably yes, at least I have. But I like these things pretty much as well. In addition to furniture I would like to introduce my new friend, avocado. On the picture he/she is settled on the plate.

This is the hallway to my luxury bathroom - a peak there is allowed ;).

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