sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy – The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Couple of weeks ago there was a BIG charity event in Poland, in all major cities as I understood, also including Wroclaw. The event was arranged for 19th time, and Polish people seem to be very proud of it. Money is collected for kids, this time to buy medical equipment for children with urological and nephrological diseases. Last year 42 877 958,06 zlotys was collected, amount in euros is ¼ . Nice job Polish guys!
Also a Guinness World record was achieved! Over 300 people got into one bus, in the spirit of charity.

Lots and lots of people

Fireworks of course - and they were very impressive :)

On the previous week I became an international criminal! I was proven guilty of travelling in a tram without valid ticket… Well, serves me right. I had just completely forgot about prolonging the validity after Christmas holidays. But yes, inspector came and I got caught. The inspector was older gentleman, but spoke English (not that common amongst the elderly), and was VERY polite. We had little trouble about getting all my information to the fine (Finnish names not that easy), but we managed, and everything including father’s name is now in the paper. He was very worried if I understood what happens, and also had consideration about how I get the fine paid, do I really know where and how it happens, and if I also understand that I have 7 days time to pay it, otherwise fee will rise 25%. If I knew how to give feedback to MKP Wroclaw, I really would do it and thank the kind inspector!

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