lauantai 29. tammikuuta 2011

Language studies

It has been not only university studies I have participated. After only few weeks in Wroclaw, I was amazingly lucky to get to know a Polish guy, German teacher, who is also an independent Finnish student. Not often you meet or get to talk with people at the gym, as at least in Finland is the place to work out, not to socialize. But miracles happen, and during couple of last months we have studied both Polish and Finnish together with Tomek. These studies have been more about Polish culture than in the official university lessons, the fact of which I am very happy of. Pretty much every day I have some questions about something related to daily life. They are not such questions which I could take up on university classes, because they are strictly for the language. I cannot keep on asking from my colleagues all the time, because time at office is for work and not to be constantly utilized for my personal inquiries about way of living in foreign culture… So luckily I have my private Polish teacher :)

In addition to traditional Polish things I have had a privilege to visit a Polish home, get to know Polish school system, get to know new bands and even genres of music I have never before heard of, and best of all, cat lover as I am, to be able to become friends (or at least acquaintance) with a genuine Polish cat!

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  1. heiiii....! maybe in helsinki, but here in eastern finland, gym IS social place! sometimes i feel like i´m the only one who are interested in doing something more than just talk :D haha.

    ...i try to use :)