sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

Successful week!

If there were some downlow feelings at the very beginning of the year, they are bygones and clear improvement to the course is in the air!

A colleague of mine (who I got to know via an incident with Moomin mugs at the office :)) told me that there is an retail park type of shopping place outskirts Wroclaw, and the better – she would like to take me there. The shopping trip got cancelled several times and it already seemed to be idea born under unlucky stars, but finally we managed!

Shopping was a success! So many shops, so much pretty clothes, and so not-expensive as in retail places is supposed to be :P As a result of this shopping spree I should have dresses and stockings for work at least for next year to come… But even better was to have a good chat (or is it gossiping what women do..?), with a clever lady! Thank You Ania for everything!

And the success of the week did not end there. On Thursday a Slovakian ex-colleague from projects looong ago was visiting Wroclaw. She has changed employer already, but still world is so small that we ended up in same city – Wroclaw, the meeting place as they say! And also thanks to Skype, which also connects people ;) We had very pleasant dinner and some beers, and the most interesting discussions about being abroad. This friend of mine has spent almost two years in Finland, and her experiences and views of Finland were extremely interesting to hear and of course compare to my own ones of Poland. Differences and similarities of cultures and languages, never gets boring…

Not that much snow in here nowadays. This picture is also from my way to work. No dogs to park, plz.

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