perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

Something else

After telling positive story after another, I think it’s time to tell about something not that nice for a change to keep the balance. Although I still am extremely satisfied about the situation being: being right in this apartment, in this city, in this country, doing this work for this company and being involved with these people, there are the downsides, as always in life.

The language issue is one thing. One of the loneliest moments I had when I was surrounded by almost all of the people I know here. That was at the office party, held in small country hotel outside the city. The party included lots of eating (both lunch and dinner), and playing a Pictionary game. I took part to the game, but very unsuccessfully; as other were guessing in Polish, there just was not a possibility to get the clue. But it was entertaining! The lonely part was the “unofficial” part. Party was avec party, so almost everyone had their spouses with them. And of course all the chatting was in Polish. That’s just the way it is; although office parties in Helsinki are basically bilingual, the chitchat is mainly in Finnish - it's just easier. Now being the only one not understanding anything, I did feel lonely and missed… I did not know exactly what I missed. It was not home as a physical location or any specific people; maybe just the feeling of being part of the group, as there I clearly was not though sitting in the middle of a crowd...

Also in several occasions I feel frustrated not being able to communicate, and incompetent because it is not always possible or at least easy to take care of my own personal business. Everyone at work and out-side work are very helpful and it is very nice, but I am used to be independent and taking care of myself, not needing someone else to do things for me. I just do not like the idea that I am dependent on “external” help. And even if I manage the situations, I sometimes just feel like an idiot because I haven’t understood a sign or something. I have noticed that there is certain amount of frustration or “humiliation” that you can take in one day – if I’ve struggled in couple of shops after long day at work, it might be that I skip an errand and leave it for the next day – enough is enough…;)
Some time ago I had to go and get myself a renewed card for public transportation. I got it, yes, but after 2,5 hours in a queue. And two hours of standing in the line took place outside :D Actually this was not as annoying as it might sound, but on some moments I could not help thinking that wouldn’t there really be some ways to arrange that differently..
I am updating this post now from office – being in here at this time is definitely “something else” again. Never worked this long hours in this many days in a row; a new record (dubious one on might say)! Doing totally different job for two months I had almost forgotten the intensity of implementation project final phase, but after all this is captive! Cutover ongoing and golive approaching in very near future – third in a row within a month. Another personal record that is.

P.S; I found a photo which might suit the theme and want to add it here...
Yes. Like it wasn't hard enough with the trams as it is, is it really, really necessary to smudge the schedules unreadable?

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