lauantai 23. lokakuuta 2010

Some culture to spice up Saturday

Wroclaw is a candidate for European Capital of Culture for year 2016, and if someone asks me (rarely anyone does though), I’m totally for it!
Here’s my reasoning:... My Saturday this far has involved following shooting of a movie or a TV series, on my neighbourhood first on Ostrow Tumski. This I noticed when on my way to practice some everyday culture to Hala Targowa (market hall as you remember). Later I ran into filming of probably same production on Wiezienna (=prison) street. There is a medieval house and yard where has once been a prison, and even as it currently serves as a café/pub Pracoffnia , with quite a little “make up” it had been staged back into prison. With actors dressed appropriately, that 20 m piece of the street looked like it travelled in time machine…

Some filming ongoing in Ostrow Tumski. And the sun is just so bright.... :)

Then, once again I entered to Rynek, where by the looks of it is an active tourist season still ongoing. Surrounded by several languages I admired the living statues and a photography exhibition (more or less constant view, photographies changing almost every week) placed on the square.
In a bookshop Empik couple of Finnish speaking guys was standing in front of me. I listened them for a while and just had to ask what brings them to Wroclaw, as it’s not a typical business trip day and not a holiday season in Finland… And the answer was Sensation. Crap. I was very irritated that I did not know about that event, but someone from Finland needs to come and tell about it. If I only knew about Sensation in Wroclaw earlier, I would have SO been there!! This was absolutely too short notice, I had already other plans for the evening. But always look at the bright side; this means that now I have a very good reason to go to attend Sensation somewhere else, maybe in Lisbon.

My business in Empik was to buy tickets to  Bollywood Rock On show in Hala Stulecia. These two events at the same weekend are a fine example of variety of events and happenings here in this lively city.
Maybe still to add some more "personal" culture experiences... My “physical culture” happens in Spartan gym, and once again today was a day for it to offer in addition something for the mind; nice chats with fellow trainers. Never at home anyone talks to me at gym, or I talk to someone. Why it happens here?

And almost forgot about Hala Targowa, and there I met my fellow student from language class :) What a small city… Talking of languages; yesterday I had a privilege to visit not only one but two Polish homes  with my Wroclawian friend. And we studied languages; both Polish and Finnish, and as on some occasions our common language English was not enough, we used some Russian and German to help… Isn’t that quite enough of internationality and different types of culture for one half of a weekend?
Heard that it’s snowing in Finland. So winter has arrived. Here it’s still autumn, bright and clear sunny day and I am writing this on a terrace of a coffee house, with hot cup of tea… Btw, counts as a characteristic of city culture, doesn’t it?

Apologises for the quality of the photo, but best phone can do on twilight... What I tried to eternalize to pixels is a fire show on Rynek

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