torstai 23. syyskuuta 2010

Wine Festival in pastel coloured town

The mentioned colours

After Friday evening spent in movies, it’s time to start to fest! I got up a little too early. The stands in the fair were to open at 10, and I was ready to go already at nine. With sun shining there’s just no reason to stay in!

As expected, the happening was only being built up, so I decided to quickly and shortly visit a shopping center – ended up coming back with a full new party outfit :P My official explanation is that the wedding after two weeks are actually during autumn, and you cannot go into autumn wedding wearing summer party dress or can you? The shopping center was amazing; something never seen before; three floors of shops selling party dresses. So odd racks with other some trousers suits or coats, but then again boutique after another full of prettiness in the form of dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry… I am not a clothes / fashion freak (if I was, probably would have gotten a stroke in that mall, and after recovery a big black hole in wallet), but woman as I am, there just was not coming out without purchasing something. And a new dress demands compatible shoes and a purse, doesn’t it?

And when shopping is out of the way, then back to real business – the wine thing!
Wine in all formats

Zielona Gora area is the only producer of wine in Poland, and even there it is small industry. As supposed in fair, there were lots of stands selling all kinds of market stuff, but also wine as supposed. But not all stands had any Polish wine to offer – but why to let a detail like that bother? Wine fest is a fest whether the wine is local or not!

Wine was sold in bottles and also in glasses to taste that you are not buying “pig in a bag”. Size of the taste portion was surprising; I had a little moral discussion with myself when having a glass – or actually a plastic mug with 2 dl of wine in front of me, waiting to be consumed, and it wasn’t even noon yet... but where I come from, it’s not been a habit to misuse alcohol by throwing it away! Careful reader can here determine a reason why I cannot give comprehensive analysis of differences in locally produced or imported wines… ;)
This is NOT because if the hugs wine portions; the houses really are curvy!

The day was just amazing with sunshine; I visited a museum with several exhibitions; of wine making and other of contemporary photograpical art.. Interesting combinations, photography was the best. Enjoying lunch outside – though confusing surowka and zurek when ordering, I got stomach full…

On the evening there was a big concert by Radio Zet – silowna muzica, with mostly Polish but some in-ternational artists performing as well. Weirdest feeling when Polish artists were performing – standing in a huge crowd of people, everyone around me knowing the song and lyrics, and I having no idea of anything – sort of outsider but in positive way – good atmosphere is catching and does not need a language :)

I have no idea what Star Wars and Wine Fest have to do with each other, but seemingly something.. May the force be with you!
And again an observation: Even if wine was very easily accessible and being remarkably cheap, there was not a bunch of overdrunk people staggering and shouting, as you'd expect... So, I do not know what the situation would have been in vodka fest, but at least the wine theme was executed with really European drinking habit.

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  1. Perhaps it's good that I can only imagine the shopping mall full of prettiest clothes, since I seem to be incapable of visiting our local Prisma market without buing some clothes!! Usually for my little girl, though... so technically that makes it ok, right? Or should even be encouraged..? ;)

  2. Baby clothes, that's another story! I've stayed out from shops selling kids clothes for now, but three godsons, one little 2 month old princess and one baby on its way expected to land earth in March - so I am authorised to do "some" Christmas shopping for them! Probably own moving box will be needed for those purchases..

  3. työkaveri kerto että käy joka kesä viinifestivaaleilla, mut en muista yhtään missä päin suomee, pitäs ihan kysyä mikä se meininki siellä on. jotenki kuvittelisin että ehkä on vähän tukkosempaa porukkaa niissä kemuissa.. :D sielua raastaa nuo shoppailut, mie koitin katella jotain kivaa bile mekkoo niin eipä löydy! saati saappaita! ..terveiset täältä savon synkästä korvesta.. :) (sateli muuten lunta jo..)

  4. Tule Sari tänne! Siulle löytyis ihan hirmusesti shopattavaa...