torstai 21. lokakuuta 2010

Black hole weeks

Yep, the term in the header is a real one, stated several times in project plans and presentations. Never before had I actually experienced the deep truth in it. Real meaning should be life in a factory unit without an ERP system, but the meaning can be extended. The “something else” weeks really were here, lazy days over.

As a colleague (greetings ;)) so suitably put it: “something happened and absolutely did hit me, but I am not sure what it was”. Crazy working hours, crazy working environment, crazy setup, and I do not dare to say crazy coworkers but rather collection of features, at least I was able to identify: incomprehensible ways of thinking, splendid competence, dazzling patience, sovereign professionalism, carelessness, panic, anxiety, self-seeking, backstabbing, eagerness,, flexibility, insolence, compassionate, loyal and dear people with who to try to make some sense in to a situation more or less described as a chaos. But end is well, all is well. Because, not to forget the official, essential part; we have once again a collection of new systems and processes brought alive. These weeks were really something I had never seen before, but still so educative, rewarding and enjoyable in all the absurdness. Gee I have a job that I enjoy!

If anything, I am very grateful of the great people I have had pleasure to meet and get to know through work. Of course the technical or so called content part is ok and nice to learn, but after all it is all about the people. People I would not have met other ways. Some of them are so totally different and some of them pleasantly similar than me. Some of them are sometimes – if maybe even always very annoying, some of them very distant, some of them quite neutral, some of them funny and amusing, some dear more than the others, and some very heartwarming – that I would like to hug. Some of them are scary, some respectable. Some are combination of several of these things, and you don’t always know which side is on the surface on which day. In my opinion the opportunity to encounter this huge variety of characters is one the biggest rewards from work life. One must work in order to earn living, but the intangible content received as byproduct besides the cold tangible goods; something that can’t be measured.

And no, I have not become a great people loving philosophic or reached the inner peace of a Buddha. On the very moment the “interesting” feature appears on a person I’m dealing with (or see someone else do it), and is not in line with my mindset and/or the task on hand that should be managed, it depends on the set schedule and DLs as well as on general stress level whether I need to count to 5 or 50 or do I also use some bad words quietly in my mind. But when the situation is over, things calmed down and it’s possible to take a step back and think, the variety of humanity is just so fascinating… Cool!

Luckily it was not only office time I got to spend with workmates, but also some informal evenings: dinner in PiwnicaSwidnicka , and enjoyable evening afterwards at a club. Partyparty :)

The end of these weeks also means that the Finnish colleagues left and Wroclaw is almost mine alone again… Let’s see how lonely it feels after all that, if lonely at all. Because October (how time has proceeded this fast?!?!) brought some new challenges.

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