maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Funny flight trip from Wroclaw to Helsinki

And off to Finland shall we go!

On Wroclaw airport I had to wait for delayed flight, and I spent it discussing with Scottish-Manchesterian guy who worked with some heavy-engineering-mechanical stuff, and was heading home. We both agreed on the friendliness of Polish people. It’s good to have second opinion on that subject, because the Poles themselves do not always agree when we discuss about this feature of national character. This may not apply in all service situations, but when you know people even a bit more personally, the kindness can be found...
Then on connecting flight from Warsaw I met a familiar face, and after some consideration recognized her to be a Finnish politician, a Member of European Parliament. Also found out that apparently instructtions by airline personnel about the order of boarding do not concern politicians travelling on First Class… And in addition to that, the politician was a member of the Green Party. I thought flying is against their life values?

Once again this weekend in Finland was very, very successful! Always enjoying roadtripping, always en-joying company of good friend, and when combining these two there’s not much that could be better in the world on that moment. Maybe only the fact that trip is heading towards friend’s wedding down at Ostrobothnia – and “check” there also!

On Sunday I had a pleasure to visit my friend's family's summer cottage, enjoy "nearfood" (lähiruoka, what is the term in English??) in it's very meaning, and I even got something to take with me to Wroclaw :) Thank You Teemu and Teemu's parents :)!

This is where knives are to be left before entering a wedding party

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  1. Local food? ;)

    Also, I always thought it would be UP to Ostrobothnia rather than down :) :)

    Aren't I winy today... :D

  2. :D Thx Hanna - I have someone who keeps correcting me here in Wroclaw, very good to know that I have the same support available there in Finland as well ;) I am safe.