keskiviikko 20. lokakuuta 2010

Week with a visitor

When coming back from weekend trip, I catched mum with me to take a visit. As said earlier, several promises from friends that “yes we’ll come”, but after all there’s one person you can trust – mum. And there she was, patiently waiting at Tikkurila railway station... :)

In Wroclaw we attended a river cruise as a gift from company – Thanks!

During days when I was at work, mum explored some of my trails, in the Cathedral Island and Botanical Garden, little bakery shops, and also experienced the friendliness in people – in only the three days.
Wroclaw fountain and light/music show. Cool!
Round light on top right is the moon ;)

For me it was fun to show the beauty of the city to a newcomer – the beauty which I myself enjoy so much, and also share something of my daily life with a familiar person. Thank you mum for coming!!!

On Thursday on the way to airport mum quickly visited the office, too and met my team. And somehow “suitably”, for me Thursday was (slightly unexpectedly) return to yet so-familiar cutover phase at work.

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