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Walbrych and Ksiaz

Mountains far away

My several attempts to visit the 3rd largest castle in Wroclaw have been this far unsuccessful. Sometimes due to laziness, sometimes due to late change of plans considering the weekend, and also because of conflicting instructions about the practicalities to reach mentioned target. Tourist info says something, Lonely Planet something else, schedules about buses and trains on internet something in between, and this far I haven’t had courage to go and simply try which is the truth. But now the situation is different. With the help of two nice persons from the office – one being born and grown in Walbrzych – I caught the correct train and bus, and finally ended up to castle Ksiaz.

Castle looked to me like a one in princess fairytales, with the radiant colours, huge courtyard, walls, towers and ivy covering the walls.

Castle courtyard

I expected the interior to be as stunning, but was a little disappointed. Turned out that it was not allowed to enter all parts of the castle without participating a guided tour, and there were none of them available in English. The lady selling the tickets (splendid English btw!) was sorry but basically refused to sell me ticket to Polish tour, and she was probably right, I would not have understood anything.
I walked through the route which was meant for individual guests, and most of the rooms being unfurnished, most of the signs being only in Polish, I was out from there in less than half an hour. However, I was able to take a peak into some of the furnished rooms from windows, and they were exactly as they were from some epic movie describing life of some royals 500 years ago...

Luckily the castle surroundings were as much a sight as the castle itself. There are several layers of garden terraces constructed around the castle, and once again I run out of expressions… Few pictures will give you the image as well.

Heart shaped hedgerows, aaww...

The castle is being renovated at the time. I have thought that on some parts I feel like living a “princess life” (note the apostrophes) here in Wroclaw, so maybe after a year I should pay another visit there, and then spend a moment imagining to be a real princess ;)

Colleagues say that the autumn is not as golden as it tends to be. Colourful enough for me!

Polish just-married couples seem to take wedding photographs very seriously. Separate photographing sessions can be seen all the time in different places. This couple had chosen the castle to be surroundings of their photos - and not a bad choice at all!

Cats are taken very well into account in the castle. They had small cottage on the yard, and seemingly enough food. Good.

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