sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Poznan – City of Potatoes

Yes, that is true. Seemingly Poznan is somewhat a capital of Potatoe (in Poland at least). Poznanians are said to be so into this vegetable that they even have their own word “pyra” for it besides the standard word “ziemniak” used elsewhere in Poland. Poznan (as well as Wroclaw) has strong German heritage and local “dialect” includes lots of words from German language, but not this potatoe word. Local specialty it is. 

Saturday morning in Poznan was a little rainy. And not the only setback; also my camera or charger con-tinues resistance. So, photos are taken with phone, and quality is not the best possible.

But little rain never harmed anyone, and I headed to market square to find a tourist office, where was supposed to be little guides for different walking routes through city and the most important sights. The man in the office did not know anything about such routes, but with little independent search between brochure shelves gave me a map of “Royal Imperial route”, through the whole city.

Memorial for Poznan uprising 1956 and victims of communism

On the yard of Poznan Castle were these statues. They looked quite creepy with no head... But I guess it's art...

Another piece of art from same yard. Prettier the previous creatures, but a little melancholic...

Not getting out of that castle yard without taking photos! This guy is at least carrying pretty colours, but still I do not know what it's supposed to illustrate.

Not only statues in Poznan. I ran into demonstration, these youngsters were demanded legalisation of cannabis.

Poznan is keeping up with Wroclaw when it comes to culture. Very imposing photography exhibition, with skillfully manipulated photos of Poznan

Poznan Rynek. This one is especially for you Sari, I am sure you'd liked the colours!

Pretty in pink. Unfortunately the pinkness of this huge building does not show in photo as it did "live". One of the buildings in this block is The Parish Church of St. Stanislaw, but this rose shade continued to several houses, I do not know which is which.  But pink.

Latest finding for Saturday evening was a real potato bar Pyra. Unfortunately I had just eaten, so I did not taste any potato specialties.

On Sunday I had a little rewarding moment , when I was trying to catch couple of sights nearby hotel before the train was supposed to leave. I was standing in a crossroads reading a map, and a lady walking her dog came and ask what I was searching for. And the point: It would have been easy to guess what the lady asked based on the situation, but I actually understood word by word what she said – and I was very proud! Well, that was the success part; I just could not form the proper sentence of “nie mowie po Polsku” and used English version instead. But still I got the lady’s response “rozumiem” she understood ;)

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