lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2010

Obninsk and Moscow

Work oh work. As autumn turns into winter it seems that work turns back into craziness. I was able to spend couple of peaceful months, but then somebody remembered that there is a possibility that company is not currently demanding or getting enough stuff out me, clear sign of that is that I am able to work normal hours and seem otherways happy and easygoing and not as stressed out as usual. (Yes, you smelled irony). So seemingly it was about time to do something, and the something turned out to be assignment to not only one but three new projects. Well, maybe I would not mind the assignments, but unfortunately work itself takes place outside Wroclaw. So time to go and visit Obninsk, the former nuclear plant city 100 kms from Moscow. There's lot's of legends going around Helsinki office hallways about trips to Obninsk, so maybe it's good to see and feel it myself.

Not to get too much into work stuff, the business part of the visit was not a huge success, but went much better that I actually expected. Probably tells something of expectations. In addition there were some very "authentic" Russian moments (authentic in a way you see on James Bond movies), like Lada taxis with murky drivers having gang tattoos on their hands, or dark, gold teethed men in black leather jackets, smelling of booze and fixing some businesses on the same hotel... Extreme experiences, not the same than back home ;) 

But luckily it was possible to have a different and this time self-chosen part included to the trip: One day as a tourist in Moscow :) Huge city. Lots of people. Not fun on rush hour in subway with luggage. Lots of walking needed to see the city. Or cannot even say that see THE city, but even to see SOME of it... But anyway, ended up with hurting feet but also increased experiences!

Waiting for train to Moscow in Obninsk train station. Long trains they are having there in Russia!

Colourful church on Red Square
University. Huge one.
Cute car..

Kremlin on the back, scary horse on dry fountain on the front

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