torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

quick hello - here well and alive

So its winter in Finland I hear? It is coming closer here also, but not as fast..

13.11. from the nearby park. I had to wait a nail appointment for half an hour, and I spent it having coffee on the park and watching kids play

14.11. from Rynek. So bright! The building is Ratusz

Muminki! Moomins are quite popular in Poland. In Wroclaw puppet theatre there is a play ongoing, "Moomins summer"

14.11. Rynek from other angle. So bright, sunny and warm that I had to take my coat off when sitting by the market square, trying to study but mainly only enjoying the light...

Bit more than week later Christmas decorations arrived. Not clearly shown on the picture but there they are...

Moomins are preparing for Christmas, too :)

So, from weather point of view I have no other options but to state: Born in wrong part of Europe! Maybe Poland is not the most optimal either, but certainly I do not miss the dark and wet Helsinki autumn at all...

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  1. mittari näyttää -14 ja töissä näytti +14 eikä se pitäny paikkaansa, mistä lie kuivaajan kylestä otettu lukema, aivan sairaan kylmä.. miulla on kanssa vahva ajatus että oon syntyny ihan väärään paikkaan. :D mut kovempia pakkasia on edessä, miten niistä taas sitten selvii?????