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Almost a month ago it was a long weekend in Poland, as 1st of November is the All Saints Day and a bank holiday. I chose the spend that weekend abroad :) As pictures tell so much more that words, here are some of the views... That old East German city is very controversial!

Birdhouses for birds who do not like it standard

Old East German style restaurant with authentic interior
Very German food. Knoodles (taste like bread which is left raw), pork and sauerkraut. And house beer! Good but heavy.
Writings on the wall

Profile of Old Town from the Neustadt - new town side of Elbe

Wide river walls

You can see the city with this weird vehicle as well. Do not know the name in English nor in Finnish, but there they are

Statue getting ready to work

Flowers! Note to self; and of October / beginning of November is totally suitable time to go on city holiday to central Europe

Old style bus in old town

Or a modern tram..

Biggest mosaic wall in German, in Europe or in the world.. I can't remember anymore... :)

More statues, greeting tourists

Several possible methods of transportation in Dresden.. Fancy a horse carridge?

...or rather human powered bicycle?

Frauenkirch, huge, massive and renovated. The rebuild of this church seems to be a big thing for Dresden or German people, because lots and lots of mentioning in tourist giudes, postcards, websites about the huge efforts to build this church after it was totally distructed during WW2. Looks good nowadays.

Something peculiar in the middle of Neustadt.. Colourful farm with some animals and no people, at least when I was there.


All Saints day and/or Halloween approaching


This sign probably tells what the farm was about. My German is little rusty, so I did not get the idea. But animals were cute and the little farm in the middle of the city something you do not expect to see

Easygoing Saturday afternoon in art passage


Sausages:) A stand in Neustadt train station

So that was Dresden in less than 24 hours.
It was nice to use euros for a change, but with language there was not much success. Surprisingly few people spoke English. But similarly German was a foreign language to me though I have studied it looong time ago.. I just could not refresh my memory, gave up and did not even try to speak it. But I did notice that there is one sentence in English which already is very, very deep in my backbone: "I'm sorry but I do not speak Polish".  I used it constantly and very fluently in Dresden also when someone spoke German to me..  Not anyone told me that actually they are not that interested on my Polish skills ;) So, polite people those Germans.

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  1. aika hyvä :D opettelet viel siihen perään et "olen amerikasta" niin ne on vielä ymmärtäväisempiä (hehhee :D )