sunnuntai 19. joulukuuta 2010

Weekend with a visitor!

So, then it was turn for the week which doomed. It consisted of flying around and between Poland, Germany and Finland, riding in a train and taxi back and forth on Finnish ground, living without luggage and blaah the whole story. I would not have stressed about success of the travel arrangements back to Wroclaw, unless there weren’t a very good reason to be there on planned time; I was about to get a visitor from Finland! As said already once, so many said that they would come to see me, and as I expected, almost as many have forgotten the whole thing. But so the life goes. I am not as old and cynical as may sound, but this far I’ve learnt that there’s lots of room for talk in the world, but it’s the real actions that matter – and very often in numerous matters the actions are left undone.

The one brave lady from Finland did not care about complicated travel arrangements, but packed her things and on her business trip to Germany called to Wroclaw as well! This plan was born under lucky stars, because despite the delays of her trains and in general the central European weather conditions, both of us reached our destinations in time :)

We did not have too much time, but as also before experienced with Mari, with efficient planning it is possible to achieve a lot. So, from sightseeing part we covered the Ostrow Tumski (both in daylight and in dark), Rynek, the University, hala Targowa and three churches. We tried two different places from where to see the city from above, but in the university peculiarly “the view was closed”, and in St. Johns cathedral the elevator was so cleverly hidden that we could not find it despite persistent search… In addition we saw two shopping malls, and the Christmas Market on Rynek. Lots of jewelry exchanged ownership – girl’s gotta buy souvenirs - and also one luggage strap was custom made for instant use.

On gastronomical experiences Polish food as zurek, pierogis and nalesnikis were tried. Jewish food with warm beer – check. Sushi and green tea ice cream – consider it done. Some mysterious big music event – seen. And in addition to all this, exchanging thoughts with a dear friend – luckily CHECK, always have to have time for that as well.

So this is warm beer, served in Jewish restaurant Sarah. Some beer puritanists might have a word to say about the idea of adding lemon, clove and strong juice into pint of beer, and as it was not enough, then to heat the drink. Despite my prejudices this mixture was not bad at all. Result: I am not a beer puritanist.

Something like this happened on Rynek on Saturday. No idea what it was about. But no reason to let unawareness bother, just feel the music and swing along! This time swinging along happened only quite short and limited time until it became too cold;)
After some inquiries on Monday at work I heard that the concert was one with famous Polish artists and was set up to celebrate St. Nicholas's (Swiety Mikolaj) nameday.
 Thank you Mari for the visit (and Fazer’s blue and salted liquorice)!

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