lauantai 18. joulukuuta 2010

Art and underground

Once again few past weeks have been going by flying. But as usually, it is because they have been full of life. I try to memorize some tops things to share and leave for generations to come…

On previous post I wrote about winter’s arrival. It has been here for only three week, but still it feels like forever, especially now when considering how much has happened after.

The weekend of the first snow was especially memorable. I was invited to a small art exhibition of a young artist, who is a friend of my colleague. Part of the deal was to translate the artists website (can be found here, very fancy ones!) into Finnish. Interesting duty, and surprisingly hard! The content of the text was very understandable in English, but when trying to transfer it to Finnish, it did not seem to work at all. I needed to “leave it be” few times, and my perfectionist side wanted to go and browse through sites which would tell about art genres, so I’d be able to use terms correctly. And even after that, when the text is on its place on the website, it looks very different (and stupid on some points) and I wanted to fine tune it even more. Even the updated version is not exactly how it should be, but as the content update causes work not only to me but to other people, I do not want to touch it too much anymore and just have to bear with it :P Well, this was a sidetrack, but all in all, respect to the people who do translation work for living!

Back to the exhibition; it was held in building doomed to be demolished, but in the meantime serving as gallery for young artist to be able to have exhibitions. Youthful, bohemian and nice event!

Afterparty was supposed to take place in a "squat". I was not quite sure what the word meant, but thought that it sounded cool because there was also talk about some bands. so volunteered to join. "Squat" was supposed to be quite nearby, and on our way there I asked for some confirmation about the place we were going. Then I was detailly informed about the real meaning of squat (talonvaltaus). Whatever expectations I had been having for 6 months in Wroclaw, for sure they did not involve a Polish squat party!! But isn’t it always better when getting something than could not expect? Maybe that’s not always the case, I agree, but this time it was. Oh what authentic underground atmosphere it turned out to be; punk band, smoking inside, people looking like real punks with Iroquois (?) hair, beer sold on cheap price and as a consequence even some guys passed out on the ground :D. No pics available, sorry for that… But in addition to the event / experience itself it was nice to meet colleagues somewhere else than in the office – so dziekuje bardzo Jarek!

And what does this all have to do about winter coming? Because this happened on Friday evening and the party was half inside a house, half on the inner yard, and it was not too cold. On Saturday evening I was out on the date with a guy from India, and the date also took place outside, weather not being too cold at least for me. Have to admit that for a man from country of hot weather and bright shining sun it was a little chilly ;) And then on the Sunday of same weekend, the first snow fell and seems that it came to stay.

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