lauantai 11. syyskuuta 2010

Busy times

My free time, or could I even say social life, has turned out to be much more active than I expected. That is even despite the fact that I have not yet received any guests from Finland though so many said that they’ll come…

But engagements in evening times are the reason why blog updates are badly lacking behind…I try to catch up – maybe it will work better now that I am a holder of a new, small and cute laptop. One of my favourite ways to spend free time is to sit in a terrace of a café or restaurant, maybe take few glances on a book or newspaper every now and then, and look at the world go by. Now I can combine writing to this people-watching hobby, too :)

Fireworks somewhere in Ostrow Tumski for some occasion. I got a little peak from my balcony

2 kommenttia:

  1. I'd come but somehow travelling on an airplane with little Saimi feels like too big of an obstacle right now... :( Great that I get to read about your time in Wroclaw here :)

  2. Hanna, you have a very good excuse. Say hello to that adorable excuse!
    And we could agree that I'll come to visit you, to Mikkeli or.... wherever ;)