tiistai 14. syyskuuta 2010

3.9. Why on Earth to visit Zielona Gora?

From a disappointment follows a great, positive surprise. Maybe not always but this time yes.

I had expected a visitor from back home, but due to some very bad karma or something, it was already a second time there were some obstacles that prevented the trip. So, on Thursday I was in a situation that there's a weekend coming with no plans – but got to do something!
My first ideas were Prague, Berlin or Dresden, but no matter how close they may look on the map, using public transportation it is not that simple to reach those cities from Wroclaw. If I was on vacation and time wouldn’t be the scarce resource, there would be no worries. But when trying to fit full working day and few hours of travelling into Friday, and day of sightseeing, travelling and some preparing for the week to come into Sunday, weekend starts to look more like a cutover plan than relaxing chill out time :(

I asked help from my team, but it was not only my poor (=non-existent) Polish skills; there really are not quick and/or simple buses or trains to those cities with schedules suitable for weekend away. Once again seems that I should get a car, but self-protecting instinct still says no...

Answer to question on the header...

But then the rescue came! One of my colleagues was going to the direction of Zielona Góra – a town northwest from Wroclaw which was to host a Wine Festival during the week. That sounded like a brilliant idea – Berlin and Prague will stay there, but Polish Wine Festival take place only once a year! And the best part – no hussle with buses or trains and all the extra stress… How great is that!! And with the help of my colleagues father (Thank You, you kind, kind people :)) I found also a hotel with short notice. Winobranie 2010, here I come!!
My sweet, cute little hotel Pod Lwem; Under the Lion. I got to choose the time when breakfast is served and what is served. I did not get exactly what I ordered, but it's not big deal, it happens when trying to make yourself understood in English and the staff not really speakin it (once again) :)

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